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Has anyone heard of a board slowly stop responding to input. i.e. - interrupts, serial.read, and digitalRead.  When start up the board, everything works fine.  But after a minute or two it starts lagging behind.  The external interrupts takes a second to kick in.  At one point I waved an RFID tag in front of the reader and it would output to the serial monitor line by line but with a long delay between lines.  And it would print the lines after i took the tag away from the reader.  It's like it caught all the data when it was supposed to, put it into eeprom and said I'll deal with you in a minute.  The delay gets to the point where I give up and reset the board. I burned a fresh bootloader with avrdude and uploaded Blink and it works perfectly.  I did have a verification error in avrdude.  content mismatch at byte 0x3e000 0x0D != 0xFF.  Should I set the lock bit to 0x0F when I'm done burning the bootloader?
current fuse settings, i believe they are the ones shipped with the board.
L bit - 0xFF
H bit - 0xD8
E bit - 0xFD
Lock bit - 0xFF
"!!!" bootloader menu (Arduino Explorer) is working.

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