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I can't find any information about this shield.  There are no info's at deek-robot.com and they don't answer questions. For the RTC clock and the mirco card, which pins are used on the Arduino nano ? There are also two led's placed on the shield. Are they connected to clock and micro card ?



Pin connection shield / arduino nano :

SDA        = pin18 / A4   - clock
SCL        = pin19 / A5   - clock
CS / SS  = pin10 / D10  - sd card
Mosi       = pin11 / D11  - sd card
Miso       = pin12 / D12  - sd card
SCK        = pin13 / D13  - sd card

LED L1 and L2 are not connected to anything. They can be used by wiring them to the arduino for just any use.

Can someone confirm that this is correct ?


Hi Groeg, Yes these details are correct. I am having the same problem confirming the pin details and connections but have confirmed it is the same schematic as the V1.0 data logger sheild and just a diffent board layout to fit the nano


I was considering this but went with the SD shield for the UNO, also made by Deek. Did you get the shield working?


I did able to buy this shield but to no avail i cannot get the uSD card working. any suggestions or idea how to make it work? i got it working using external card reader but the built-in was not working.

Error Details:

Initializing SD card...Wiring is correct and a card is present.

Card type: SD2
Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition.
Make sure you've formatted the card


Im having the same problem that you
Did you figured out what was wrong with your shield?
What is the kind (FAT16 or FAT32) and the size of the SD card that you are using?


Read the sticky about kosher formatting at the head of this forum. This may well apply to reply#5 as well.


Read the sticky about kosher formatting at the head of this forum. This may well apply to reply#5 as well.
In his other post, he claims he used the official SD Formatter program.

People apparently have trouble getting this particular board to work based on previous posts.


about deek robot 8150 nano shield

on this card you could find a real time clock and a sd card on i2C and SPI protocol
you could find the two libraries to manage this card on the site


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