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Thanks, I'll take a look, although it is easier for me to work with the SIM module.


Yes, I did. It is now here (finally):


It suffered a bit of scope creep in the mean time and now includes a lot of exotic, but optional client parts as well as the basic server. It is split into a client server type solution. However, the main server part is relatively simple and can be used stand alone even with an LCD screen.

You may also want to look at something like: http://learn.linksprite.com/arduino/teach-you-how-to-use-call-id-module/ (or something similar) if you can find it for sale. You'd still need a parser of some sort, though.

I can't help with SIM800 or SIM900 based solutions but maybe someone else here can.
I found this:
and see PCB,there is "MCUBLOX",so,I found :https://mcublox.taobao.com/

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