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I want to capture a logic trace from a 433Mhz receiver.

I don't seem to be capturing all the trace just a very tiny part of it.

What settings to I need to change to capture the entire trace?

Also is there a way the Arduino can trigger the OLS software to start the capture as the buffer size is small.  Running on a Duemilanove.


I am also using it for capturing a signal, but when I start capturing on Logic Sniffer, It displays capture from generic I/O started but nothing happens afterward. Please help me?
Also there are no options for trigger or device or anything in client (mac version 9.7.2). I only see 4 fileds
 1. set device path (I set this to /dev/cu.usbmodem1421   arduino usb path), I get to set
2. Sampling rate (I set this to 500K)
3. sample depth (this is set to default 256)
4. sample width (this is set to default 1)

Also I tried it on windows PC options are same but client show capture failed Data readout interrupted EOF
Please help me´╗┐

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