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bit of an odd and probably noobish question, I run a paranormal investigations group and want too develop some of our own hardware for sensors data logging etc. I'm not asking for a how on the following question but simply a yes its possible and maybe the degree of expertise needed too make it happen.

what I would like is a rig with 3 sensors, sound, temperature and Electro Magnetic. #For these sensors and I guess the Arduino board too relay that information too a display on a laptop or screen with Oscilloscope for sound, digital display for temperature matters pressure humidity etc and changeable display for EM field.

Is this possible via Arduino boards and components?

Many thanks



Sounds possible.
Just not too sure about the EM field one.
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Thanks for the reply. Ive seen a kit for indoor environmental station since posting this has the lressure humidity and temperature parameters built into the kit. Same going for osciloscope kits for fine audion interferance monitoring. Yeah the em field one is a burger, there is equipment that i use that triggers when a field is present and also that emits its own field and the triggers when the field is manipulated or broken.

Hmm might invest in a few books


Hello, I am very new to code and arduino but love to learn. I got a 2004 LCD and found some big font code and it works great. I even combined it with DHT22 code for temp and humidity. My problem is that I can only get things in " " to print in big font on the LCD. I don't know how to get the values from the DHT22 to display in big font. Anyone know how to do this?? Thanks

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