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I'm new to SD card issues. And thus don't know the things "everyone knows".

I came across a suggestion that the cards require 3v8 to operate reliably. Of course, that might be Just Wrong. (I read it on the internet)

The implication was that SD cards are best used with 5v Arduinos, and that they, somewhere under the covers, supply the SD card subsystem with a healthy 3v8. And that using a 3v3 Arduino was not going to work... reliably. But, Murphy's law, would work much of the time, and give you that false hope that wastes SO many hours.

((Irrelevant aside: If you like geek stuff, read Dyson's book Turing's Cathedral. History of the hardware, some software, some politics of the birth of modern computers. We struggle with bugs in software. They had those, too, AND unreliable hardware! Brilliantly written, too.))

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