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Hi all,

I am trying to use Glediator with a 20x20 LED Matrix, but with a Mac. I installed Glediator, downloaded the arduino sketches, and installed the RXTX Library using this link: http://blog.brianhemeryck.me/installing-rxtx-on-mac-os-mountain-lion/

When I launch Glediator, the Arduino does appear in the Output mode window, but when I click on Serial open, it just doesn't connect. When i try to close the serial, it tells me it is already closed. I tried all the Baud rates, the glediator sketch is on the arduino, what am I doing wrong here?

I thought of maybe changing the Baud rate in the arduino sketch but I can't find any.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


what am I doing wrong here?
You are using glediator, which is an unfinished pile of crap.


Hey again,

Ok so what do you recommend i do then?


Hi, I'm trying to get glediator working and am having the same problem you described. Were you ever able to find a solution?



I had the same problem, which I solved by an update of java and the download of the library RXTX (librxtxSerial.jnilib) here : http://jlog.org/rxtx-mac.html

have good day.

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