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Hi all,

I've looked at quite a lot of topics on this in different forums and none seem to help me.

I recently bought an Elegoo car kit, which is compatible with the Arduino IDE, and it comes with different types of code and what not. they even have their own Android app.

My problem is I want to create my own android Bluetooth application that connects/pairs with the module and can control the car remotely. I have my application up and running, it can scan for nearby devices and the HC-08 module appears in the list but I am not able to connect. when I try to connect it says it can't communicate with HC-08.

Can someone help me with this ?


I have the same problem.

The Elegoo helpdesk has answered me:

"Our robot car's Bluetooth module only supports connecting with the app we developed."

I have replaced Elegoo's HC-08 with an HC-05. It has worked without problems.

But I think it's not the solution. I want to make the HC-08 work. I tried to connect to send AT commands, but I still have not.

Did you get to fix it?

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