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I purchased an Arduino recently and am taking a programming course in college but am haven't had a lot of experience programming.  I saw the instructables articel about making a diy 3d controller (http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-3D-Controller/).  I do quite a bit of work in 3ds max and was wondering if anybody could spare the time to help me with the code to interface the controller with 3ds max so that when you hold down a certain key in 3ds max after you center your hand in the controller you can move you hand to move around in the viewport


Hi... IM 3ds max profisional and Im work on 3D controlling project i.e I want to use arduino to translate body movment to MIDI to be used directly in 3ds max to control 3D character and I see your post and I want to help you so my email is:  nawres102@yahoo.com      and my phone is:     009647801901756     and I will call you if I know your phone No. :)

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