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Hi  -

Would anyone out there happen to have a collection of older Wiring Boards available? I believe anything that is dated as Revision 2 or Revision 3 are what I am looking for.

Some background:

I'm an instructor at the University of British Columbia, and in 2009 we designed a shield for the Wiring Board to be used as part of our "Intro to Robotics" course for 2nd year students.  We built our own shield for the Wiring Board, which has been in very good use for us for the past 8 years.   Our team added the Wiring Board to the Arduino IDE library a few years ago, and the board continues to work very well for us.   

Here is info on our course, and on our custom-built shield:
  UBC Engineering Physics - Robot Course for 2nd Year Students
  TINAH - shield for Wiring Board

We have many of the TINAH shields, but are running low on Wiring boards that are usable for the course.   We designed and built the shield just before the first Arduino Mega boards were made available, otherwise we would have used those.   The current teaching team is hoping to use the boards for at least another 2 or 3 years before finding something else for the course.

Unfortunately not the Wiring Board formerly sold by SparkFun, which isn't pin-compatible with what we have).   I could make the newer ones work, but it's going to be an odd work-around, as we often separate the shield from the board for service repairs as the course goes on.

If you have a collection of these older boards that could use a new home, you can post or message me here, or email me directly too to chat further.  Thanks!



Supposedly the Wiring S boards are still available for purchase here:
They also say:
if there is enough demand, we can make more.
Wiring S is the board with the ATmega644P, unlike that SparkFun Wiring board which had the ATmega1281.


Unfortunately, the Wiring S boards aren't pin compatible to the shield/breakout board we designed, which is why we're interested in the original, Rev2 or Rev3 versions of the Wiring Boards, as the SparkFun ones have a few of the side pins at different locations.



we designed a shield for the Wiring Board to be used as part of our "Intro to Robotics" course for 2nd year students.
Really.  :o
Then you can easily design a new shield for the new UNOs ;)

Make up your own compatible UNOs

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


The port names here
are not Atmega644/1284 names. They look to be 1281/2561 names:

Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


Yes, you're absolutely right, but it is partly a resource issue at the moment - we still have ~60 of the shield boards which work well, and would like to get another 1 or maybe 2 years from these shields as we go and look for funding to design and build another round of boards for future years.  

We've tried to find something off-the-shelf which can be as robust as the shields we've been using, but nothing has quite seemed right - open-source 3d printer boards appear to be the closest, but nothing has been as convenient for our uses as what we designed.


About the processor - yes, the boards we have are all originally the ATMega128-16AU chip.    They have gotten expensive, so as we blow those processors on the board we've been replacing them with the ATMega128A, which can use exactly the same bootloader and fuse bits, no changes required.

I don't know whether the 1281 or 2561 would work as a replacement.


What else is used on the 128  besides what is seen as being named?
What else is on the Wiring board?

Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


Hmm.   I seem to have EAGLE files for the Barragán "v0004" board.   Will that help?  What if someone could build some for you, using that design?

(actually, this is the same design that still downloadable from wiring.org.co, AFAICT)

(hmm.  Doesn't have JTAG like the picture you posted, so may not be pin compatible.   But the main connectors seem to be in the same place?)


(The ATmega128A is one of those chips that has become "ridiculously cheap, if you buy them from China."  It's a little surprising that the Wiring board hasn't experienced some resurgence as a result.)

(also: what an ugly board.)


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Hmm.   This feels a bit better...


So, I've created a project over at hackday.io.

I did discover that the "old" wiring board (V0003?) (the one that connects to this "Tinah" board) does NOT have the same connector layout as the published (and still available) v0004 board.  The main port connectors are in "almost exactly" the same spots, but the power, ISP, and G2 connectors are in substantially different locations.

(I've adjusted, and ordered some PCBs and parts...)


@westfw, what are your plans regarding an Arduino IDE boards support package? A while back I made a good start at creating one for Wiring boards but haven't gotten around to getting it to a publishable state. It references the MightyCore and MegaCore core libraries, which simplifies things quite a bit. I have the boards.txt entries and pins_arduino.h done for Wiring S, Wiring Play Shield, Wiring V1.1 1281, Wiring V1.1 2561, Wiring V1.0/Wiring Mini V1.0 all done but it sounds like there are some older boards I wasn't aware of. I have a custom Tools menu where you can chose whether to use the original bootloader, Optiboot, or no bootloader.

My thought was that there have to be a bunch of these Wiring boards still out there and since there is no active development on the Wiring IDE I'm sure the people who own these boards would appreciate being able to use them with the Arduino IDE instead. Since this is the first post I can remember ever seeing on this forum about a Wiring board maybe there aren't as many as I think or else people consider them collector's items at this point and don't want to use them.


I figured that a pretty trivial mod to MegaCore would be sufficient.  AFAIK, the "6-port" wiring boards (Original versions, plus the sparkfun boards) all have the same pin translations (ports DCABEF, bits 0..7, in order.)


Whee!   It BLINKS!  (Sort of, anyway.  Still working on the "variant/pins_arduino.h" and etc.)

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