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Hi to all,

I am new around and also new to Arduino board.

I am going to do a project and searched over the net about a board that will allow me to do my project that meets all my requirements.
I have found the arduino is one of the best found and bought one for my self.

I am now trying to start my things up but a strange thing happened as soon as i started working with the board.
I connected the board via USB to my pc and as soon as it was detected the PC crashed (by crashed i mean a blue screen came up and restarted)

I cannot solve the issue at all i tried many things including:

leaving the arduino connected and restart the pc :: the pc does not start but continues to restart
taking power even from the supply when connected over usb bus still crashes
tried different usb.. still crashes

I dont think is a current drive problem because i connect other devices through my usbs and it does not crash like hard disks, bluethoot devices, my mouse is even a usb, and i used to work with 8051 board and still connected to usb didnt crash my pc.

Is this a hardware or software problem?
Could it be usb drivers?
If so how to update/change/solve the drivers issue without formatting my pc?

And how can i resolve this issue it is really driving me crazy?

Thanks and hope i hear from anyone with a suitable solution as soon as possible!

Thanks & Regards


Wow, a lot of text without any useful information.
"My Windows XP machine crashes (reboots) when plug my arduino"
would be enough.

Update your FTDI drivers (search this forum)
My website: http://ried.cl


OK sorry for any inconvenience.
I didn't knew what these types of ports where now i figured the problem along.

Thanks and again sorry


So.. What operating system are you running and what kind of Arduino are you using?
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