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I was wondering how to play sound files on Arduino...how do I code it and do I need a decoder; If I need a decoder what one do you reccomend?


What kind of sound? 

tone() can make basic square waves into a piezo transducer.

If you want to play WAV or MP3 files, look for an audio shield.   The audio shield has a digital-to-audio converter, memory for the audio files, and optionally an MP3 decoder, etc.

Some audio shields can drive headphones but In most cases, you'll need an amplifier to drive a speaker.


What audio shield do you reccomend and how do you code them?


You haven't said what it is that you want to play yet.

The shield/module will depend on what you want to do and the code will depend on the shield/module chosen.



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I would like to play .wav and .mp3 files. What shield do I need to play those files? How do I program the shield needed?


the Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board could be an option. you load sounds onto it with a usb.  you just digitalWrite (xxx, HIGH); to a pin on the sound board to trigger those sounds.

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