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Hi, I have a noobie question: I can extend jumper wire with cat5e cable?(about 12m)?


Depends on the voltage and current you are dealing with.

Tell use exactly what you are wanting to do.

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


For signals it depends what kind of signal, frequency, impedance.

Details are always important.
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I think the folks are telling you that you didn't provide enough information.

Say for instance, you are standing inside of an "Arduino" store, someone comes up to you asks you "I can extend jumper wire with cat5e cable?(about 12m)?"  What would you say?
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I use arduino uno+ module driver(18ch) for Christmas Light.(it use 5v and analog and digital(as analog pin) pin)


that sounds like a no-no, running a whole set of Xmas lights using an Arduino pin ?

you would have to bridge the two circuits with either a transistor (TIP120) or a relay.


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A part from driver(example): http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29opx5k&s=9#.Wo6FvXNMowA

Ps: arduino recive command from Vixen Lights


A part from driver(example):

You could use cat5e cable to connect from the Arduino to the opto.

Make sure it is Flexible Patch Cable (the solid-core stuff breaks too easily)
You could buy a ready-made patch lead and either shop the ends off, or use some connector boards like:
this screw terminal one or a small pcb and an JR45 connector

Do not use cat5e cable for any of the mains wiring. It would not be safe.



Thanks for answers. That work 100% with 10m and 20m.

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