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Topic: Confirm 5100 Ethernet module works with NANO? (Read 175 times) previous topic - next topic


Can anyone confirm they have had success with this combination, or offer any posts or articles showing exactly how to connect it?
Theoretically it should work if you're lucky and get a correct board. These modules are very cheap and unfortunately in most cases of very low quality.

Also, are there any important limitations or problems? I'm very familiar with network programming using various Winsock variations, but obviously the memory space does not exist in the arduino for a full implementation. You couldn't even allocate the usual buffers!
Winsock is a socket implementation for one operating system. Forget everything about that API but remember the network basics you might have earned with it.
In the Arduino world many things are a bit different. The WizNet5100 does most of the TCP stack in the hardware so the software necessary for the ATmega328p processor is quite small and low on resource usage but usually quite slow. The reference you found is an acceptable manual and the IDE has quite some examples you can build upon.

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