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Hey guys,

I am currently making a CNC machine using Arduino Uno, CNC shield V3 with DRV8825  powered by a 12V 30A power supply. To drive the motors I load up GRBL into Arduino Uno and manually jog it using the Universal Gcode sender GUI. However, when I run it, the steppers will not rotate. The steppers vibrates and I hear humming noises coming from them. I have checked to make sure my stepper wires are connected correctly but the problem still persist.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Please offer some advice.

Thank you :smiley-confuse:


You will probably get better advice on  CNC forum where people are familiar with GRBL. Maybe you have some of the configuration incorrect.

If you know what Arduino I/O pins are used for step and direction for each motor you should be able to adapt this Simple Stepper Code to test each motor on its own without GRBL.

Stepper Motor Basics

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Hey @Robin2,

I got it resolved. Turns out it was some wiring issues. Thanks

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