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I am in need of an Arduino Motor Shield - a 3rd party version won't fill what I need.  The Arduino Store has noted for some time that it is currently unavailable.  Does anyone have any insight into when it might become available?


a 3rd party version won't fill what I need
I find that hard to believe, there are some very nice shields out there, including some 'based' on the official board (OK - design stolen directly) - Please give a reason for your inflexibility.
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Sometimes the resellers might have Arduino products even when the Arduino store is sold out. Here's a list of authorized resellers, that are likely to have authentic Arduino products:


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I'm developing a DCC++-based model train control and I don't want to deviate from the prescriptive implementation for DCC++ (which includes cutting the Vin trace on the controller).


Thanks - I'll check those resellers

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