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Topic: 21 led limit using ws2811 ardinos mega, mini pro, teensy 3.2 with octo ws2811  (Read 297 times) previous topic - next topic


Noob Here. I am working with 10 48 led ws2811 strips. I have wired them in a snake configuration matrix. I have also put them inline and received the same results. I have used a mega, a mini pro, a teensy 3.2 with an octows2811 and a wireless, 7 universe led controller.

  The problem is that I can run any example sketch and these LEDS work perfectly. The moment I try to use a program to control the LEDS, I can control the first 21 (63 LEDS total) after that the order and color are random and sometimes nothing at all.

I got the same results in vixen (usb and wireless), glediator (usb and wirless) and Jinx (usb and wireless).

With the 7 universe wireless controller I have 3 universes configured and I can control the first 21 of all three universes.

I have installed a 330 ohm resistor in the data line and i have injected power to all the strips using an external 30 amp 12 volt power supply. All the grounds are connected together.

Remember, I can run any example sketch on any arduino and the work perfectly and I get the same results using a wireles LED controller.

I would really like to move on from this problem so I could start building my props, I've been working on this since the day after christmas. PLEASE HELP



Yes they are 12 volt strips.


If the example programs work, then it must be a problem with your "hidden" code.

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