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My new Datalogging Arduino shield with the PCF8523 real time clock is not working.  When I use the Cardinfo sketch I am told that initialization failed.  I have correctly set the Chipselect, and the button battery is new.  Have others solved this problem?



Hi Lar,

I had the same problem but i was using a different datalogger. I have been told to change the SD card and I did but it didn't work. Eventually I found out that the problem was with the soldering. I bought a new datalogger and it worked.

In your case:

1- Double check that you are using the correct Chipselect pin.
2- Try to get a new SD card.
3- Check your soldering.


The button battery is either irrelevant, or should be. Did you format the card in the proper manner?   There is a sticky on this at the top of the forum.

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