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Hi everyone,

In the recent weeks i have been working on a linefollower and obstacle avoidance robot for a project and I have encountered problems with the size of the wheels. Due to the fact that we did not leave the margin of error in the chassis 3d design we later discovered that the wheels touch the edges. The engines used are FIT0450 from DFrobot (https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/Micro_DC_Motor_with_Encoder-SJ01_SKU:_FIT0450). At this time, I use classic yellow wheels with a size of 65 x 25mm / 2.6 "x 0.98" (D * T).

If anyone in this forum knows some wheels that use the same gripping method and the same size of the grip, but with smaller dimensions of the wheel diameter please tell me where can I find them . If there are any adapter options please let me know.

Which is the best way to catch the wheels on engine so that they should not break away when the robot make turns?

*this is my first post so I am sorry if I post it in the wrong place *

Thank you!


Why not cut or file away the parts of the chassis that are interfering with the current wheels?


It is an option but I hope to keep the chassis in best shape . To cut it is not the best way because is 3d printed and to file away is hard because the bumpers and the middle pilar are full .


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3D printed?  Does that mean you can load up the design, push in the part of the chassis that rubs and print a new copy?

Pictures will help a lot.


@vinceherman Yes. This is what 3D printing means .The problem would be that in order to separate them, the middle and the bumper, would mean printing the two parts again(upper and lower chassis) and this is not possible to do it personally because my 3D print capacity is 20 cm in length and these boards have a larger dimension and must be ordered, this leads to additional costs.

For this reason I hope there is a possibility to find other wheels with a suitable size. Another reason I want other wheels is that the current wheels have very low adherence with these tires which makes difficult to turn due to skating. I hope to find some wheel models that allow better fitting like the method of tightening a screw in the shaft or something else .

I searched for various online stores and I could not find anything at all at any cost and the change of the engines would not be an ideal option

I'll attach some pictures to the project

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