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Hello Arduino community!  :)

I am currently working out on 3 mini-projects and I need some advice and recommendation for the type of sensors to be used.

1. A torch light, but as the user hits it, the light turns becomes brighter. By hitting again(detecting movement/vibration) will turn it back to the lower setting (vice versa).

2. A air refresher, as the user wave it hands back and forth, it activates a spray of scent.

3. A table palm size-speaker, as the user uses his/her hands to cover it, it lowers the volume. When the hand is raised above the speaker, the volume turns louder.

I am still new to Arduino (having a very basic understanding) , would greatly appreciate if anyone could share with me similar projects and tutorial I could learn from and recommend the type of sensors I could experiment with!



Gesture sensor: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3595
Watch the video on that page, it shows how fun it is but also its limitations.

To hit something can be detected with a mechanical contact, an accelerometer or a piezo disc (knock sensor).
It depends on the device and how you want to hit it. I think that an accelerometer might be the best for this, but perhaps you have to start with something simple.


For the last one you're probably better off with an IR distance sensor or a time of flight distance sensor.

For the first two indeed accellerometers come to mind.
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