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I'm not sure if this is quite the right place. I am working on the second edition of my book Programming Arduino Next Steps and want to cover newer Arduinos that people use.

I'd be grateful if people could let me know which Arduino boards they use, so I can get an idea of relative popularity.

Many thanks.

Simon Monk.

I write books about Arduino and Electronics: http://simonmonk.org


Hey, funny coincidence. I'm listening to an interview with you on the Embedded podcast right now.

Despite all the new boards, I'm still seeing most people on this forum using the AVR Arduino boards. The only thing that has seemed to reach near to their level of popularity is the ESP8266 (The WeMos D1 Mini being the most popular board).

I don't see as frequent mention of the Arduino SAMD boards here as I'd expect but I really like the MKR form factor of the recent boards and it seems like Arduino's support for the SAMD architecture has gotten really mature.

The ESP32 is popping up more frequently. That Arduino core is still in a beta development state so I think once they actually make a release and add Boards Manager installation support it's going to get much more popular.

My favorite microcontroller is the ATmega1284P but that's not very widely used, mostly just because there aren't mass produced boards available. I use the Mega for initial prototyping and general testing because it has all the memory and pins I could ever need. The Nano is just a great little board all around. The Pro Mini is nice for incorporating into finished projects because of the size and cost. I use the Pro Micro when I need the native USB capabilities.



Thanks for the useful feedback. It does seem like the Uno and smaller AVR devices are the most popular.

I write books about Arduino and Electronics: http://simonmonk.org


Agree with pert, esp questions are asked quite often
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'1284P for me. I offer boards in several form factors.  I think the Atmega16U2 used for USB interfacing on Arduino boards is on the fragile side (based on the forum posts), either losings its programming, or just plain breaking.  I won't use the Chinese 340 chip on the clones as they can't be bought from US distributors. FTDI's FT232 works for me.
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Arduino nano (clone on CH340) - cheap enough not to cry when starts communicating via MSS protocol ("Making Smells and Smoke"  :-)).

It also sits nice on the breadbord. Lots of info on the web. 

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