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Hi there,
I want to be able to change the Arduinio / Atmega328 's epprom values whithout changing the scetch / firmware I have uploaded initially. Any ideas?
Forexample, I have uploaded initial values in eeprom positions 10,20 and 40. But at a later stage i want to change these values without having to reload the whole sketch again.


Data in EEPROM can only be modified by the sketch that is running. If you are unable to replace the sketch that is running, you are out of luck, I'm afraid.


You can do this with AVRDUDE which is in the Arduino distribution somewhere. Look for the -D command (from my head). But beware avrdude can be dangerous as it is powerful. To find the location press the upload button with the SHIFT key pressed. YOu will see how it is called to flash the flash. EEPROM is just one other flag. Advice: try to read EEPROM first.

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