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I'm sure Daniel Pearl would be pleased to hear robin2 is so understanding.


The problem I have with Replies #15 and #16 is that they are only looking at one side of the issue. The suicide bomber is also only looking at one side of the issue - the other side.

Peace and friendship is only possible among people who are willing to see both sides.

And that does not mean that I would hold back from shooting a suicide bomber if I believed that doing so would save more lives than it lost. But I could shoot a suicide bomber and at the same time recognize his courage.

The people I REALLY DETEST are the guys sitting safely at home who brainwash youngsters into carrying suicide bombs.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


When someone rapes your daughter or kills your family, remember, you are only looking at them from your side of the issue.

Or they are scum bag pieces of s.

A creaking creeping shadow
stiff against the freezing fog
glares at a tickless watch.

Time has failed him -- all things shall pass.


...Whether you like it or not, successful terrorists become politicians.

Not successful suicide bombers :smiley-twist:

Drone pilots don't just kill the bad guys. The noble drone pilot kills an innocent family in a backward country from afar using high tec. weapons. The noble relatives of the deceased respond with the low tec at their disposal.

Probably best to observe rule #11

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley


The noble drone pilot kills an innocent family
You sound like an idiot.

Coding Badly

You sound like an idiot.
Oh lovely.  A poorly veiled personal insult.

This is not your first rodeo.  Not even your second.  You just can't seem to learn this very simple rule: no personal insults.


You sound like an idiot.
Are you saying that drones don't kill innocent civilians?
Are you saying the US Military does not make condolence payments to the families of innocent people they have killed in Afghanistan?

Payments are made in an attempt to prevent Blood Feuds. The Afghans have long memories, they still talk about fighting the British 179 years ago. Individual Afghan feuds, and the resulting deaths, stretch over decades.

If you kill a member of an Afghan family during war then they have a right to blood revenge even in peacetime. Young men are bound by honour to avenge the death and will sacrificing themselves to do so. Quite noble really don't you think?
Makes wars hard to stop though, best to keep out of them.

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley

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