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Mar 08, 2018, 10:09 pm Last Edit: Mar 08, 2018, 10:22 pm by elginian
Hi everyone,

I am building escape rooms and is currently planning to make riddles for them. I am making decisions on what type of technology to use to make riddles. Considering that the riddles will be run 8-12 hours a day. Should I use microcontrollers/Arduino or pure circuit to make the riddles?

I understand that Arduino will be necessary for complex riddles. But in general, assuming the setup is correct, is Arduino durable in this case? 


If continuously powered an arduino will run indefinitely - many years.


If continuously powered an arduino will run indefinitely - many years.
Hi Allan, thanks for the answer. To clarify, when you talk about continuously powered, do you mean I should reduce the times where I power on/off the device?


No, you may connect or remove power as much as you want
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Power it from the wall (simple USB phone charger would work just fine) and it'll run indefinitely. It will fail if your code is bad or if the wall loses power.


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To clarify.

The code you program into an  arduino is retained even when the power is removed. It's held in 'non-volatile' memory - like the bios in your PC.

On restart it will run again.

An indefinite number of times.

Millions? Probably.


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