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I don't seem to be able to find much information on actually using the Arduino USB HOST Shield or the SparkFun USB HOST Shield either.  I've seen a couple of other posts that never seemed to lead to any real answers to the question asked.

Where are the "directions" for use of the shield?  I want to be able to send some data out of the host shield in the same manner that I am able to do a "serial.println()" with the embedded USB port on the Arduino Uno to the serial monitor.

I have a serial device connected to the HOST Shield but can find no documentation on how to send the data.  I can connect this same serial device to one of the HOST ports on my Laptop and sent data all day long when connected to the serial COM port it becomes under WIN10.

Hope someone can help, at least with some examples.


It looks like for the Arduino shield all you have to go on is the product page:
(note there is a "Documentation" tab on that page)
and the contents of the library's repository:
Note there is a wiki section of that repository:

The product page has a link to the Getting Started page but I don't see anything about the USB Host Shield on that page. I think that's just some boilerplate text they put on every product page.


Thanks pert!

Well it looks like I'm not the only one that can't seem to find a good Getting Started page for the USB HOST Shield from their Product Page!  Thought I was blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other.  And the "Documentation" tab on that page is a joke.  It does now say the product is now retired, maybe because everyone quit buying it because most couldn't get it working.

I'm more than a little disappointed in the Arduino folks for this as I definitely don't find this shield easy to use with just a tiny bit of USB knowledge.  Even the crew that develops the library that is needed to work with this (and other USB HOST boards) do not have any examples that fit what I'm trying to accomplish.  All I want to do is send an ASCII string to a USB serial device plugged into it.  The Product Page mentions using one class of devices that can accomplish this: "USB to serial converters: FTDI, PL-2303, ACM, as well as certain cell phones and GPS receivers."  My serial device fits into this class to a "T" so forgive me for ranting.



None of the examples apply to your device? FTDI, ACM_terminal, PL2303?



Morning guys just came across your posts regarding the Arduino Uno and USB host shield.
I just purchased the USB shield with the hope of writing a basic bar-code scanner program for a work related project. I cannot find in my libraries the option for the usb.desc.
From the above posts am i correct in saying that this has been discontinued without any notice or posts.
Thanks for your help


Use library manger to install the USB Host Shield Library 2.0. USB_desc is an example program included with the library.

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