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Hello all,

There have been previous threads in the past that try to explain how to interface Arduino with Blender, but most either fail to explain it well to beginners or are full of replies with people who are still having trouble.  Basically I am looking for a way to have Blender's game engine read a byte off of a serial port and perform a simple animation based on the value received.  Ultimately I would like to control the movement of an armature, but first I would like to know that Blender is receiving this information.   

Does anyone have experience with a 3D animation program like Blender reading data sent from the Arduino and performing a motion?  My simple goal is to control the animation of a 3D bending finger based on a byte received from the serial port.  (ex. 0 = flat, 255 = fully curled).  If anyone has any advice for doing this, or can recommend a program besides blender for this, I would truly appreciate it. 


Is there a tutorial?  Not that I know of...

Check out this thread:  http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,54920.msg393314.html#msg393314

it outlines pretty much how to start communicating with Blender, and you can always experiment and add the specifics of what you need.

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