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So guys!
I finally got around to some more troubleshooting!!

I redid all the wiring, connect all the grounds and power lines in a star pattern, connecting the motors directly to the drivers , discarding the din connectors completely and used a arduino screw terminal to connect to the controlller (just in case my solder connections were faulty)!

Long story short, IT WORKS NOW!!!!

i am not sure what exactly was to blame now, but my guess would be the DIN connectors. If those are known to be flakey, which connectors would you recommend? bc it would be very convenient to be able to disconnect the electronics enclosure from the rest of the machine!!

also @TomGeorge:
about the motor wiring when it comes to reversing direction: i changed it now to how you suggested and it works, however it did work the other way as well! and it even says so in the article in the link you posted! :)

Anyway, I just want to sincerely thank all of you who showed interest and tried to help! It's nice to see that the internet is not only the place for anonymous assholes to make dumb comments, but also a place where a lot of good happens! :) So THANK ALL OF YOU!

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