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A mobile application, completely free, which works perfectly with any GSM Arduino module.
I invite you to test.


1.   If you have an alarm system controlled by the SMS message or any other device, which uses the GSM module(for example GMS ARDUINO) and you are tired of dialing and entering a text message everytime you want to attach or disable the alarm system, leave the blinds or open the gate, this SMSster-control is totally for you! Once you have entered the data (phone number and message's content with the command), you are able to control up to 6 devices with GSM module. The app can display the feedback from the chosen devices (alarm and info fields), even if it is not turned on, and it doesn't charge any additional fee - using the app is completelly free.
2.   The app programmimg is very easy - just place your phone (GSM module's) number in the relevant field, select the prefix (for Poland is +48) and the text message command (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) to turn it on/off.


The app is still a work in progress, you might want to get a  mobile screenrecorder   for a turorial on the basics of your app.

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