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hi, i need help with this code, i have problems at compile!! thankss

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#include <Button.h>

Button Button1 = Button1(10, INPUT_PULLUP);
Button Button2 = Button2(11, INPUT_PULLUP);

void setup(){
 pinMode (10, INPUT);
 pinMode (11, INPUT);
 pinMode (5, OUTPUT);
 pinMode (6, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
 if (Button1.isPressed()){
  digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(5, LOW);
   digitalWrite(6, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(6, LOW);
 else if (Button2.isPressed()) {
    digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(5, LOW);


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This isn't a bootloader issue, is it?

i have problems at compile!!
But you didn't tell us what they are.
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i'm sorry it is my first topic, where it should be? :)

this code is for switching direction for massage chair motor using 2 relays
i want when i press the first button to enable relay1 one for 30sec after delay 1sec and enable relay 2 for 30sec delay 1sec again and continue looping this until i press the button2
when i press button 2 i want to enable relay 1 for 30sec and after one loop i want everything stopped until i press again the button1 to start the first loop

thanks everyone for your time!!


i rewrote my topic to the right section
sorry for that :P

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