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i need to add some RAM to Duemilanowe and looking for a suitable library
to drive the 23K256 SPI RAM chip. Would be great if it works on IDE 022.

On Playground http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/SpiRAM i found
SpiRAM2.zip but it unpacks to an empty folder.

Is there an working lib available to run a 23k256 on 022 IDE  ?



as usual i searched unsuccessfully before posting and successfully after posting.
trying now to use:
posted by carl47


Same problem.  On http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/SpiRAM , SpiRam.zip is an old library that calls Wprogram.h, and SpiRAM2.zip only contains an empty folder.  Every other spi ram library I've been able to find over the past few days of googling is also only for older versions of Arduino.  Does anybody know where the correct file for SpiRAM2.zip disappeared to?  Or know of another spi ram library compatible with Arduino 1.0?


bump !!!

i'm also looking to used the SpiRam2 librairie but it is still an empty zip !!!
anyone has a backup somewhere ?



I have had success using an older ram library that I found on the forums by If I remember right all I had to do was change Wprogram.h to Arduino.h

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