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For those looking for me I am in the Scotswood  room stand 64. There are three large areas this year about half were set up by tonight. Lot's of old fends from previous years.
It seems like it will be the biggest yet.


The Maker Faire was great this year, much bigger and better than last year. Loads to see and do, a big thanks to all the makers who had stands.

@Grumpy Mike

Its was great to meet you and have a chance to play with the harp player and hexome.


I have to agree completely that the faire was once again great.  It was great seeing how the exhibitors projects had developed, including yours Grumpy_Mike.

I put a short video of the weekend together on the train home.  It should hopefully give you a taste of what was going on if you were unable to make it.




Awesome Videos Mike, I have a few images and videos i will try and get uploaded somewhere for you all to see, including the Titan Robot and Arc Attack from the discovery museum.


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This years Maker Faire was definitely bigger and better than last years. More floor space, more stands and more visitors.

There were a lot of CNC projects on display this year with RepRap being the most popular. There was even an early version of the OpenPCR on show.

Mitch Altman was there again, working the maker area and the old guy from TV's The Gadget Show doing the rounds with a camera crew.

All in all, an excellent weekend

some blog posts:



and some videos:



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