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Hi Guys,

I am currently working on software for a custom logic board that uses the Due micro controller (SAM3x8e). The logic board was designed with a program port connector which is connected to the micro controller via its first hardware serial port. The logic board connector is connected using the pins, Master Reset (NRSTB), RX0 (PA8), TX0 (PA9), 5v, ERASE (PC0) and GND.

To program the due micro controller, monitor its serial port and debug I have always used the TAIJIUINO Due programmer downloader which works perfectly. My issue is that I cant get my hands on these at the moment and need more. I am hoping someone may be able to suggest an alternative device that wouldmhave the same functionality as I am finding it hard to source one.


you can read here,

he explain program due from ATMEL Studio.
let me know if works for you, else there is one more option available

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