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I have just bought a rc receiver to continuo working on my bicopter project.

I was checking google to see how to read the rc receiver and i saw that there different ways to do it.

Can you share some code to read the rc receiver channels on the arduino nano???

Thanks in advance!!!



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These are the links I keep on hand for bringing myself back up to speed.

Edit: Uh, pics.  Cause cool projects require pics! :)

Another edit: What receiver did you get?  If it supports PCCM (or any of the single pin protocols) you only need one arduino pin to read it.


As far as i could check the code the problem is that it uses timer uno. The servo library that i use to move the servos also use it so it will cause conflicts.

Am I wrong?

any idea?


What code? And you haven't answered the question about what receiver.

There is a simplified alternative servo library called ServoTimer2.



Sorry the rc controles is the flysky fs-i6


Read through the second link.  He mentions that he does not sue the timer.  I admit that I have not run into conflict, but I ended up going a different way.  CPPM (I typoed above) lets me use just one pin/interrupt.


Oh, that receiver has iBus.
This library looks like it was written to read that protocol.


What do you mean with "I ended up going a different way" what did you do

Btw some pics


Oh, that receiver has iBus.
This library looks like it was written to read that protocol.
How should i use this???

Sorry for the stupid question but this is brand new for me


I have not used that library (because I do not have your receiver)
But it has an examples section with code you can try.

Are you comfortable installing a library?  I usually fumble around copying it to different locations until my code compiles.

You design looks cool.  I would worry that the motors will twist off of the servos.  I think you need a bearing on the opposite side from the servo to relieve the load of the motor lift and torque.



What i need to figure out is how to connect the receiver to the arduino. If you have an idea on how to wire it up i will appreciate it

I am new to the rc controller. I have been playing with this bicopter project for a year. I made an arduino app to control it but it is almos imposible to control it.

Thanks for the advice about the motor. i tested it and it seems to work ok

Thanks again,


I now understand how ibus works

I should connect it to serial (rx) pin

is that right?


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Here is an image I hacked up to try to demonstrate.


Yes i understand

Bad news my controller doesnt have ibus

the controler is the Fs-ia6

Any suggestion?


but it is almost impossible to control it.
I see a nano.  Is that a gyro behind it?

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