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First, when I search for OLED displays, I get a lot of posts that are in languages I don't understand. Could we be able to filter the search results into certain languages please? It wouldn't matter if there were 5 posts, but there are 14 pages of posts!

Second, searching for OLED (the OLED displays) I got lots of matches on words like "controled", "toledo", "tooled", "microled", "knwoledge" (sic), "fooled", "spooled", "cooled", etc.

Really, this isn't that helpful either. Can searching please match whole words, rather than parts of words? Once you get over a dozen pages of matches, many of which aren't relevant, or in a language you understand, you stop using the search feature.

And of course, searching for "led" (a common activity I imagine) produces 40 pages of results. Again, all the words I mentioned above, but with extra stuff like "called", "controlled", "settled", "failed", etc.
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


Second, searching for OLED (the OLED displays) I got lots of matches on words like "controled", "toledo", "tooled", "microled", "knwoledge" (sic), "fooled", "spooled", "cooled", etc.

Yes but it does tell you how close a match it is.
I think it's useful - means you can search for something like 'sureelectronics' and it will come up with results phrased 'sure electronics' or searching for a component, say it was called a 8945, there might be different versions, an 8945DB-R, SM8945 etc and it would show them all which would obviously be what you want in those circumstances.

I don't know how the search is set up but I think it would be tricky to filter different languages. If there's a post on OLEDs in German or something and I don't speak German, google translate normally works pretty well.


the search function is one of my current headaches, we are looking into how to configure search to make use of just certain boards and so on ... this will not be implemented as soon as I would like as we are really busy.

Disabling search for certain boards will allow you shutting off languages you are not interested in, since languages different from yours belong to other boards.


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