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hi I have limited experience with programming so this is going to be a hard project for me to do on my own but I would like to get a complete safety system/power moniter made up for my 3d printer that I would like to keep open source after the fact.

I can attempt to work through the project with help from others but note my limited experience so i dont know how much help i will be

or if someone is willing to code the entire thing for me please message me with a quote to complete the project but you must be ok with it being put out to the world to help others as well as I feel this is greatly needed

Items wanted to be used
1x uno r3
2x 100k ntc thermister (1 for bed and 1 for hotend)
1x mq2 smoke detector
1x 2ch solid state relay
1x5-100A SCT-013-000 (for energy monitoring and cost analysis)
1x 16x2 lcd (to display data from above)

project scope/description

add secondary monitoring to hotend and heat bed to protect from thermal runaway
thermisters will trigger relay if temperatures rise 10~20° above set limits

add smoke monitoring by using mq2 sensor
if smoke is detected trigger relay as well as using the v-usb library to send a hotkey command to pc to trigger a batch file triggering a powershell command(or alternative) to send an email alerting my phone of immediate emergency

also add an energy monitor to provide the cost of running the machine and display on a 16x2 lcd

what I have been able to accomplish so far
got thermisters to display temp using these examples https://playground.arduino.cc/ComponentLib/Thermistor2

got mq2 to trigger relay(swapped singnal pin inplace of leds) using this example

made this already to check power consumption 

I have no idea how to make them all work together

I was trying to get the temps to trigger a relay but could not figure it out


found this doing almost exactly what i need
i will look over code later

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