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I'm working to design an 802.3af (power over Ethernet) platform based off of various Arduino/Freeduino designs.  Ultimately I would like to use it for several embedded projects, so there are a few changes from the rapid prototyping and module friendly Arduino, namely:

  • SMT ATmega328 instead of PDIP, for cost and manufacture reasons

  • No USB support; programming must be done via ICSP header

  • Only power source is a 802.3af compliant switch or midspan injector (no homebrew)

  • No 9V rail, but instead a 12V rail

  • All components (PoE module, ATmega, and W5100) on a single board, to save cost & ease manufacturing

  • One button for reset, as there's nothing being stacked on top of one another to block the "original" reset button

Anyway, if you are interested, I would certainly appreciate help, as my EE knowledge is incomplete.  I have drawn up a schematic based on what other people (Freetronics and Arduino.cc) have done, with a little of my own design for the very simple voltage regulation.  So, if you'd like to help, download the PDF schematic below, and let me know if I've made any major mistakes, otherwise tonight I'll start finalizing the packages for the various components, lay them out on the board, and order them to get a (hopefully working) prototype ASAP.

PDF Schematic

I'll also update this post with a board layout once I have one made.


Hi Orum,

i'm also very interested in PoE. What tool did you use, to create the schematic!? Did you use Eagle? If so, can you tell me, wehere to get a lib that includes the W5100 the RJ45-Jack and the AG8112!? It would help me alot, since i have no idea (and not enough time to learn) how to create custum coponents!



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Have a look at the etherten. The design is availlable so you can adapt that to your specifications.


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