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Is there any site or book which you want to refer for newbie like me with good explanation of things so i can start with new ideas.
Unfortunately I don't know of any that would help. The thing is that most books fall into two camps, one a fundamental look at what each group of instructions do, and the other based on specific projects.

The problem with the latter is that it often concentrates on do this, do that, do the other. With little explanation of why and what the alternatives are.

I know many people say they learn best by looking at other people's code and modifying it, but in practice this doesn't not work and is mainly illusionary. You think you are making progress but you in fact do not get much of a clue about what is going on. I have taught people who tried this technique and eventually they realise that they need to actually need to write stuff from scratch.

I remember when I started, all I had was a "Teach yourself computer programming" book, this was in the late 60's and was a book on Fortran. I remember the first problem I had to solve, I wanted to know if a number was odd or even. That was not in my book and so I had to work it out from scratch. It is that sort of thing you can't teach but you can guide people through and nudge them as a direction they should think about.

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