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Anyone know what's going on at fundamentallogic.com?

I ordered 2 Iduinos on their site 3 weeks ago but received nothing.
Requests by mail are not being answered.

- Asteronimo


There's nothing nefarious going on,  if that's what you're worried about.

I'm pretty sure that it's a one-person side-business,  and I know that both the orders I placed took longer than I hoped for (two weeks or so) due to mail delays.  I think Canada Post has a giant warehouse someplace where they stack all the international parcels for a week or so before they send them on,  so they can impress themselves with how much mail they move   ;D

The lack of email response is a little worrisome,  and it could be that the owner got run over by a drunk moose and hospitalized,  or somesuch.


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