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I am wanting to set up my students' account ahead of class so we do not spend a lot of time trying to get them to figure out how to install them.  We will be activating them for 1 month.  I will set them up and pay the account fee with a card from the school.  According to the tutorial it says I can enter their emails, but then they each individually have to enter a username and password.  I would want to do that for them so that things get set up correctly ( 11 and 12 year olds) as when we set up Scratch accounts or HTML accounts for them previously, when they do it the account usernames and passwords get typed in incorrectly and\or they cannot remember what they entered.  They cannot received emails on the gmail accounts from out of district so resetting will be an issue.  Other programs let me enter my email for them so that resetting the password can be handled through our teacher email.  Is that an option.

Without a contact or chat person to assist in trying to figure out the logistics of setting these up it is getting difficult.

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I am Carlos Rodriguez, member of the Arduino Support team.

In case your students can't  received emails, we will create an invite (in the form of a short URL) as soon as you purchase a licence for your students which they or you can use to enroll without having to receive emails. 

The invites to create their Arduino IDs will be available on this page at the end of the purchase flow.

Please note that students unable to receive emails will be unable to recover their password in case they lose it.

If you need additional help with the purchase process please contact us on create.sales@arduino.cc

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