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OK, found this on StackOverflow..

So I Copy/Paste in the Project Explorer to create a renamed (for Eclipse) project.

Next I used WinMerge to compare the original and cloned folders and found:
  • The rename did not extend to the main project file (the <projectname>.ino file) so they are the same. Should the ino file not be named the same as the project folder?
  • During the clone the content of the original Release folder was erased, so the bin file disappeared! Is this normal? If so what should one do in order to keep and version the resulting bin file in a project? After all it is the final result file.
    I am used to having the output file only change when compiling/build a project.
  • Also it copied the subversion .svn folder so any change made here will affect the original Subversion project. Could cause lots of unintended problems if one is not careful.

Additional questions:

  • How I can correctly change the name of the main project ino file so the two sketches are not named the same...
    I right-clicked it and found the "Rename" command, is that the correct way?
  • Is it possible to make Sloeber switch source file view with the project so that when changing active project the source files also change in the edit pane to the right? Or is there a way to highlight tabs belonging to the selected project in order to minimize the risk of editing the files in the wrong project?
  • I want to reduce the tab width in the editor view but have not found a working way. Is it possible?
    I have gone to Window/Preferences/General/Editors/TextEditors/
    Here I have set Displayed tab width = 2 and checked "Insert spaces for tabs"
    But no change in the display, still 4 spaces for each tab.


I would create a new project and copy only the source files (ino, h, cpp) and eventually the .project a .cproject files (with rename in .project).

You can rename ino files without problems. Sloeber doesn't force you to name the ino file like the project. It is required only by Arduino IDE.

Release folder of Sloeber project is a temporary folder. Arduino IDE makes the build in system temp folder.

The project source set view would be a feature of Eclipse. I do not know if it has it. Google "eclipse project view" or similar.

For tab settings, open the Eclipse Preferences and type "tab" in the search field. C++/Editor/Typing is the right section, I think.

You can't write an Arduino sketch if you didn't learn programming. Not the language, but the concepts of programming - algorithms and data types.


This is very strange what happened...
I renamed the ino file to DHT_MONITOR.ino in the Project Explorer view. Seemed OK.
Then I tested a "Verify" build and it succeeded.
But when I look at the IDE I see that the DHT_MONITOR.ino entry has a red x mark on it.
So I looked at the file itself in the editor and found that one line has a red mark on it:

Code: [Select]
SerialSS.write(buf, bytesIn);

And the message shown when I hover the mouse over the red mark says:

Invalid arguments '
Candidates are:
unsigned int write(unsigned long int)
unsigned int write(long int)
unsigned int write(unsigned int)
unsigned int write(int)
unsigned int write(const char *)
unsigned int write(unsigned char)
What can have happened here? Why is this line, which has not changed, marked as erroneous?
And why does the verify succeed anyway? There should be an error message if there is an error, right?

I tried to close Sloeber and then start it again, but this same display re-appeared....


the Eclipse C++ indexer is independent from Arduino build tools. In Project menu there is a submenu for reindexing.
You can't write an Arduino sketch if you didn't learn programming. Not the language, but the concepts of programming - algorithms and data types.


That removed the false negatives (I had another one inside another file)!

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