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Apr 12, 2018, 08:58 am Last Edit: Apr 12, 2018, 09:15 am by skyforce
My favorite navigation tool is Google Map, and Garmin HUD is playing a good role for navigation info HUD.
But Google Map don't support any HUD, Garmin HUD cannot support Google Map , either.

So I want to combine them, I named it Garminuino.
I worked it for my spare time, so I don't have text to description how to do it (but I'm work on it now)

You can show Google Map navigation info on Garmin HUD.

You can see a simple demo for Garminuino on Youtube
Garminuino demo on Youtube

I also created a github page for this project:
Garminuino on Github

On github, you can see update info for Garminuino, but nobody know this site now.
So I want promote my project, and hope anybody who interest this can communicate with me(on this forum).

Below is a Gaminuino's initial concept, but implement had slight different:

This is block diagram for now implement:

This prototype for Garminuino:

I plan to create a PCB recently, it can enhance the reliable, and help anyone want to build it.

Thanks for your reading.



Hi Skyforce,

This is a very interesting project, keep up the good work!

I am working on an optical system that can eliminate the double reflection shown on the windshield. All commercial products use a reflective film that one has to stick to the windshield and even then the double reflection is not completely eliminated. Here is a snapshot I took at night

A combination of what you are working on and what I am doing could potentially be a great product.

I am curious if instead of showing information on the Garmin you could connect a bunch of LEDs to the arduino. This way you don't depend on the Garmin device, which I understand is discontinued and the final device is cheaper to make.

Here is an example of a similar idea:


The notifications from Google Maps are sent directly to Pebble watch.


What is the CAN Bus bluetooth device you use? I don't see a parts list in your original post
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