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If you want to setup your Up2 or other Intel-based platform you can follow this easy wizards:

- For the UP2
- For other Intel-based platform, e.g.  Intel® NUC, Dell Wyse®, Gigabyte™ GB-BXT

Also you can check out these tutorials so start playing with these new features
Getting Started with Intel-Based Platforms on Arduino Create

Interacting with a TI SensorTag from an Intel NUC

Intel Math Kernel Library on Arduino

Arduino <3 Linux (on UP2 Board) with Intel Mraa

To learn more check out this blogpost.



I've been trying to set up the connection between UP2 Board and Arduino Create but to no avail. Have tried using  both this - https://create.arduino.cc/getting-started/up2 and https://create.arduino.cc/getting-started/intel-platforms , by selecting the I have an OS installed and subsequently attaching a Keyboard and Mouse.

Already tried on a Linux and Windows machine, using different USB cables, but to no avail. Any hopes of getting it up and running locally? Couldn't find any drivers anywhere for it. Issue is that in Windows, CDC Serial and ADB device come as unrecognized, so can't also use the putty method to log in.

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