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Hi everyone. I am using a demo code by ardx.org/src/circ/CIRC05-code.txt.
Ive made some alterations to the original sketch BUT the issue I have having is apart of the original sketch.
Im also using a 74hc595 register to control 32 LEDs. Ive been able to run the programs with different alterations plus the original sketch. this issue has happened before and it's because there's been a letter off when typing. Now i can not figure out what the issue is.

In the alterations Ive made my overall goal is to try to achieve the knight rider effect using the shift register and have been having a hard time finding examples of this effect with bitwise operations..

once i figure out the proper sketch for the effect then i am going to add in a switch and a pot to also add to the effects.. 

Much appreciated to those who take the time to reply.

The first is the master copy and the second is the alter sketch.


Apr 16, 2018, 04:08 am Last Edit: Apr 16, 2018, 04:13 am by Grumpy_Mike
You screwed up the curly braces {

They must match. Each { must be matched with a }. What you wrote they do not match, therefore your function changeLED never gets defined.

In the void updateLEDsLong function definition you have an extra } at the end of the function.


WOW dude thank you so much..
that one bracket has been killing me for over an hour now.. I really appreciate your response.

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