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Hi, I am trying to get some help on interfacing the Arduino with a C++ program running on a computer.  Here is the "tutorial" I am trying to follow:  http://arduino.cc/playground/Interfacing/CPPWindows
I am a little confused on how to use it, do I create a new file for the actual program or do I just edit the Serial.cpp program?  I am using Visual Studio 2010 ultimate and have a Project called Serial_to_Arduino, with only two files, SerialClass.h and Serial.cpp.  Anybody have any suggestions?
Thanks a ton.


The Serial class (Serial.h and Serial.cpp) will be used by YOUR code.

Near the bottom of the link you posted, there are details about how to use the code in your class.

Personally, unless you have an existing C++ application that you are trying to modify to talk to the Arduino, I'd skip the C++ route, and create a C# application, where serial communication is native, and form development is SO much easier.
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Basically none of this stuff is native to me lol.  The only reason I chose c++ is because its the only route I could find for capturing xbox controller input.  Are you aware of any other methods?  I would love to do it via matlab if thats possible.  Currently I am trying to take me working c++ xbox input code and create a matlab MEX file from it so that I can catch input with matlab, but this is very confusing.

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