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I am in the process of designing my first PCB using EasyEDA https://easyeda.com/ and am super exited about it. It really opens up a new world especially to new Arduino users with no PCB experience. The software is all online, nothing to download. You just create a schematic using a pre-drawing parts and then "Convert to PCB". A board outline opens up along with component outlines and ratlines. The best part is the auto-router. I NEVER used to trust the auto-router but this one is AMAZING. There are very few fixes required so EasyEDA must have a very polished algorithm or something.

The board can have copper pours to reduce noise, board outlines from autoCAD import easily in fact it plays well with other software packages like Altium etc. You can still create Gerbers like you normally do It even creates a BOM and you have the option of going to a related website for parts using your bom it populates the shopping cart. The best part is the price. My nano board controller (uses a 3.2" TFT touch screen to control room environmentals) was about $18 for 10 boards and i got $10 off for the first order. The parts list came to under $3. WOW. I just thought this might help someone.

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