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Hey guys, i'm making a top hat for this years festival season and i need some help with the sketch.
The hat has 5 meters of led strip (300 leds) winded around it and connected to a Arduino Uno and a Powerbank.

The Sketch i'm using contains 18 different effects (Cases) and are selectable with a push switch.

Most cases work perfectly such as chasers, sparkles, boucing balls etc. but some of them draw to much current for the powerbank to handle like the rainbowcycle where all the leds are lit.
I can easily remove those effects from the code but it would be nicer to replace those effects for other less consuming effects.

My main issue is that i'm just a beginner and not have the knowledge to make and implement/replace this code. So i was hoping if some of the more skilled people here would help me with this project and know some cool effects to replace the ones i can't use.

The following cases draw way to much current:

Case   0 = RGBLoop
Case   1 = FadeinOut
Case 10 = Running lights (not sure yet, need to test with amp meter)
Case 11 = Colorwipe
Case 12 = Rainbowcycle

(i provided the sketch as attachment)





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Why not just limit the numbers you send with a simple map statement.



He has no problem deleting parts of c/p'd code. He's just asking for more free code.

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