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I have a spedix is20a 4 in 1 ESC for a quadcopter build and I cant seem to see anything on how to wire it up, Ive wired a white wire to gnd and black wire to pin 9. There are three other white wires how should these be wired up and is it possible for this build to work?


That ESC normally comes with a manual. What does that say?

My guess is that the 4 white wires are signal wires, one for each of the 4 ESCs. And you should have large red and black wires for power and ground. A good in-focus picture of the ESC and all of its wiring might help.



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I would expect one signal wire for each channel, so 4 signal wires.

Unless this controller uses one of the protocols that all comes across on one pin (CPPM?)

What does google tell you about your controller?


there doesnt seem to be much on the internet about using it with an arduino for some reason, also could an IMU be used as the flight controller?

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