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Atmega2560 Bootloader all fuse setting >> here


Hopefully, someone can help me in this thread..  I seem to have Bricked my Non-R3 MEGA2560... (crashed while trying to upload a EPROM reading program w2hich uses the upper DXX pins 22-53, Under LINUX, and I was holding the Reset button to force it to wait in standby while the code was compilng, otherwise, the already uploaded (running at a faster baud rate) was already running, and the Linux IDE would either say the port unavailable, or it would lock-up.)

Tools available to me:  the 1.0.6 IDE (Both under Windows on a Win-7 laptop, and Linux version under UBUNTU)
                                 The ArduinoISP (Sketch that comes with the IDE).
                                  a set of male-to-female jumper wires.

  Now, IS it possible, to use the Bootloader sketch, to burn (or in this case, re-write) the bootloader back to the 2560?

At present, the MEGA2560 is dormant.. (no response, no D13 flashes when powered-up). the USB-Serial chip is still
working, will echo if I jumper D0 to D1, still recognized as /dev/ttyACM0 under Linux, or COM29 under Windows 7.

The Arduino I'll be using as the ArduinoISP, is a clone Duemilinova (came with the JTag pins for the FT232R), but will be wiring via the pin-out from the Bootloader sketch. (13-10, 9-7 as the indicators sitting atop a Adafruit Protoboard)

Otherwise, only option would be buying as new MEGA2560. (and My financial status is LIMITED!)

In simple terms, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :smiley-yell:


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Have a look at this: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=11635
It has all the instructions necessary to re-write the boot loader.
The sketch can be obtained from here: https://github.com/nickgammon/arduino_sketches
All you need is another arduino board (ISP programmer) and few male-male jumper wires.
I have re-written my boot loader on the 2560 using an uno as a programmer.


So I can load the bootloader but I can not load a simple blink sketch. It just times out. I load the bootloader using an AVR Dragon and Atmel studio. The fuses look correct. This is a mega2560 with an external oscillator at 8mhz.

My TX0 and RX0 connections are good. Im kind of stumped.

Any advise.


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