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Apr 25, 2018, 05:04 pm Last Edit: Apr 25, 2018, 05:06 pm by esgeroth
If your comment:
was that useful, then why did it take 39 posts (54-15) to find the problem ?

Because of people posting a rather considerable amount of irrelevant information.
Your point stands though, a pull down resistor or just changing arduino pins would have found the answer sooner. I just didn't expect my otherwise working atmega chip might have a bad pin.
And to answer your other question, yes the irf3205 is switching perfectly now when connected to the output of the TC4427 with 12v on Vdd.


Glad to hear everything is up and running.
In the future , you mght expedite things by including "Troubleshooting procedures performed so far..."
and list the measurements you've taken in your OP . (along with any relavant schematics)

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