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Dear pylon,
thanks so much for your help!
I did what I understood I should do, and it did not work.:=(
After 2 hours of searchin in the net I decided to take changes into my own hand:

Line 70: Activated
123: Inserted but deactivated
125: Deactivated
126: Deactivated
128: Deactivated
183: Inserted and activated
192, 199, 206: Inserted and activated

Now it works!!! It goes to sleep after 10 sec, and wakes up when I tab, double tap, etc. it!!!

Soooooooo happy!

You made my day, thanks AGAIN!

Never the less, I would highly apreciate any comment from your side!


Reading my last post again I would like to make clear, that I really owe pylon a drink! Without you I would have never made it.


Thank you, pylon!!!

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